LinuxTag 2007

We are heading to Berlin in just a few hours. I have to confess I’m a little excited. 😉
We will show the latest stable Amarok and a Preview of Amarok 2.0 with lots of nice new features. Ah and we’ll sell shirts of course. *g*
So stop by the Amarok-booth, say hello and don’t forget to attend Svens talk.

Pictures will follow soon I hope.


I just came back from Substage where Markus Kavka (a German MTV-host) was reading from his new book “Elektrische Zahnbürste” (electric toothbrush).  It’s a collection of articles he wrote for an online-magazine. It was sooooo cool and entertaining the whole evening.

Ah and he got extrapoints for signing my book and being about as tall as me in highheels (for those who don’t know me: that’s rather not tall *g*). So never trust a TV-camera – they are shameless liars 😉

If you ever get the chance to see him live (reading or as a DJ) you should definitely take it. It was so worth it.