We rocked @ FrOSCon

We rocked! Well, we always do 😉 But “Party animals of Open Source ’07” is the best title we got so far *g*

I had a great time talking to all of you. Was nice to meet another great part of the Amarok team and of course people from other projekts as well. Hope to see you again soon.

A very big “thank you” goes to the FrOSCon team for organizing this great conference. And OMG Ponies, they even had a bouncy castle!!! Perfect for the kid in every grownup geek *g*

The slides for our talk “Amarok :: Forming the Core 2” are available now. I think the talk was well received and hope it helped to give a little insight into our community and eventually will make people think about their communities and what can be done to make them even better.

FrOSCon Baby!

Bags are packed and everything is ready for FrOSCon.

Come and say hello to your gorgeous Amarok Team that will be there in all its glory *g*. Visit us at our booth or come to one of our Talks:

  • Amarok :: forming the core 2 (Sunday 14:00) by Mark Kretschmann, Harald Sitter and me
  • Kubuntu in Deutschland :: gestern, heute und morgen (Sunday 16:00) by Marcus Czeslinski, Harald Sitter and me

Hope to see you (and the rest of the team of course) there 😉

Oh and one last thing: Don’t forget to bring your USB-stick. We have got a little surprise for you 😉