Ubucon recap

Woohooo, we are back from Ubucon. Was nice to meet you folks once again.

It was a small but nice event and we had a great time.

Our talks went pretty smooth and I think we represented the gearheads pretty well 😉

The slides for the talks:

  • Amarok: odp (for Kpresenter) and pdf
  • Kubuntu: odp (for OOo) and pdf

Once again a big thank you to Czessi for filling in for apachelogger as my cospeaker.

And now some nice photos of the Krew by sven423:

NightroseCzessisven423Mamarok and Nightrosesven423 and markeyMamarok and CzessiCzessi and NightroseCzessi and NightroseMarkey and Nightrose


btw: Kpresenter was giving me and a few others quite a headache when I wanted to print the pdfs of the slides. I still can’t get a pdf of the FrOSCon Kubuntu talk only a ps. I would really appreciate hints on why it fails.

Ubucon and end of Roktober ahead!

Less than 13 hours left until Sven (sven423) and I are taking the train to Krefeld for Ubucon to meet up with Mark (markey), Myriam (Mamarok), and Marcus (czessi) and give two talks.

Our talks will be:

  • Kubuntu :: Collaboration To The Core” on Saturday
  • Amarok :: Forming the Core 2″ on Sunday

So get out to Krefeld this weekend and join us on the first German Ubuntu conference!

Harald (apachelogger): Sorry you can’t make it to Ubucon. We will miss you there and hope things turn out well.

And since I didn’t post a proper FrOSCon photo yet – here is one of markey, gnux, me, sven423 and apachelogger:
The Rokers at FrOSCon
You just have to love this team 😉

And don’t forget to donate to Amarok. It is ROKTOBER, folks! Only 1287 Euro left to reach our goal right now. Please help us make Amarok even more awesome next year (pssst: you can win a Cowon iAudio7). The money will be used to pay for developer meetings, travel costs of the booth staff and server costs.