While the Amarok team has been working on _a lot_ of cool new stuff for 2.2 we havn’t forgotten about 2.1. It’s time for 2.1.1, the first (and likely last) maintenance release of the 2.1 series. Enjoy! 🙂
We will also be at Linuxtag next week in Berlin with the rest of KDE and the Kubuntu crowd. If you are around say hello. We have a few free tickets left.

Blue Starfish, originally uploaded by Kanaka’s Paradise Life.

It will eat your kittens!

<public service announcement>

Heya folks 🙂

I will open Amarok trunk for 2.2 development in a few hours (not yet!). As people have a lot of awesome stuff to merge that they have been working on, trunk will be (semi-)broken for a few days and might eat your kittens. So if you compile from trunk you might want to wait a few days unless you want to help us stabilize things, which would of course be greatly appreciated.

Let the breakage begin! 😀 (in a few hours)

</public service announcement>