Join KDE for Google Code-in!

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Google Code-in is a program for 13 to 18 year old students to get involved in a number of Free Software projects, among them KDE. You will get a cool mentor from the KDE community and work with him or her on exciting tasks. Check out the over 100 tasks that are available currently. We will be adding some more in the next days. There are tasks for nearly every area of KDE. You can find translations, coding, artwork, outreach, research and more among them. Some examples: Help Guillermo prepare a news section for his KDE podcast, help Frederik solve a tricky code problem in Parley, help me figure out how to better present KDE on OpenHatch and much more. Found a task you like? Claim it and wait for your mentor to approve it. And then you can start being part of a team that changes the world one step at a time. Get started walking! 😉 If you have questions join our IRC channel #kde-soc on freenode or ask on the mailinglist kde-soc at

There are prizes involved as well. Students get 100$ for each 3 tasks they finish successfully up to 500$ and the 10 best participants get to go to Google’s headquarter in Mountain View. (It is pretty damn awesome there I can tell you.) A little birdie tells me there are t-shirts involved as well. Go go go!

Google Code-in – KDE is in!

KDE has been chosen as one of 20 organisations to mentor students for Google Code-in this year. Wohoooooo. We’re looking forward to working with a bunch of 13 to 18 year olds 🙂 Let’s see how they’ll rock our world. And the most awesome thing: It’s not just about code this time but also documentation, outreach, quality assurance, research, training, translation and user interface.

We’ve been collecting task ideas in the wiki. These tasks need to be transfered into Melange (the webapp that is used for GSoC and Code-In) now. So if you proposed a task there I’ll email you shortly with instructions. If you do have an idea that so far is not in the wiki and you’re willing to mentor it then please email kde-soc-mentor-owner at with the details.

The students can then start claiming tasks from different organisations starting 22nd. The contest runs until January. Students can claim one task at a time and have a certain amount of hours to complete it. If they complete tasks successfully they get 100$ for each 3 tasks up to 500$ max. And there is a trip to Google’s HQ for the 10 best students \o/ For more details check out the FAQ.

If you’re a student and interested in taking part in Code-in feel free to hang out in our IRC channel #kde-soc on freenode and join our mailing list kde-soc at if you have questions.

I promise we don’t bite – just like this fellow I met 2 weeks ago on Google’s campus 😛
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