Hel, Gna and Syn

Inspired by Aaron’s postings about his and others network naming schemes I finally decided to drop the boring names in my own network (lydia-desktop, lydia-laptop and so on). I went for Norse goddesses.

So as of today my desktop is called Hel (hell of a machine), my laptop is Gna (makes me say gna* a lot) and my Fon Access Point is Syn. I love it 😉

What would you have chosen from the list? And what naming scheme do you use?

* gna = argh

We rocked @ FrOSCon

We rocked! Well, we always do 😉 But “Party animals of Open Source ’07” is the best title we got so far *g*

I had a great time talking to all of you. Was nice to meet another great part of the Amarok team and of course people from other projekts as well. Hope to see you again soon.

A very big “thank you” goes to the FrOSCon team for organizing this great conference. And OMG Ponies, they even had a bouncy castle!!! Perfect for the kid in every grownup geek *g*

The slides for our talk “Amarok :: Forming the Core 2” are available now. I think the talk was well received and hope it helped to give a little insight into our community and eventually will make people think about their communities and what can be done to make them even better.

FrOSCon Baby!

Bags are packed and everything is ready for FrOSCon.

Come and say hello to your gorgeous Amarok Team that will be there in all its glory *g*. Visit us at our booth or come to one of our Talks:

  • Amarok :: forming the core 2 (Sunday 14:00) by Mark Kretschmann, Harald Sitter and me
  • Kubuntu in Deutschland :: gestern, heute und morgen (Sunday 16:00) by Marcus Czeslinski, Harald Sitter and me

Hope to see you (and the rest of the team of course) there 😉

Oh and one last thing: Don’t forget to bring your USB-stick. We have got a little surprise for you 😉

best of confessions and more photos

Some of the Amarok-lovers left notes at our booth. Here is a best of:

– I can’t live without it.
– Thanks for the best player ever.
– Amarok RULEZ. The best musicplayer I know. Keep it up.
– Very nice musicplayer with GREAT GUI.
– Amarok is the reason my girlfriend wants Linux on her computer.
– Amarok is cool!
– I use Amarok with Gnome! 😉
– Amarok is the best musicplayer. Thanks for developing.
– Amarok rocks!
– Aouuuuuuuuuuuu…!! 😉

And a boothphoto (by sven423) for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet:

the Amarok-booth

And another photo (by Carlos Diener of kubuntu-de.org) taken at the Ubuntu-BBQ on friday:


(Monika, Myriam, Jono, Lydia and Gerry)

back from Linuxtag

Linuxtag is over and it was amazing. So many amazing projects with enthusiastic people. For example the German kubuntu-team. You can feel the love for Kubuntu.

Of course we (apachelogger, gnux, sven423 and nightrose) do love Amarok and I think we were able to show that as well *g*.


We had visitors at our booth who had never heard of Amarok and were amazed when we showed some of the cool features of Amarok (lyrics, wikipedia, search in lyrics, moodbar, intelligent and dynamic playlists, …). Then there were people who have used Amarok but had problems. We were able to solve lots of them and I hope we were able to give a better understanding of how Amarok works. And then of cause the real Amarok-lovers. It’s amazing how many stepped by and expressed how much they love Amarok. We love you too, guys 😉 (sidenote: there was an impressive number of Amarok-lovers among the VINs on Linuxtag *g* ). We gave people the opportunity to show their dedication by posting a note on the wall of the booth. This are photos from friday:

confessions at the Amarok-boothconfessions at the Amarok-booth

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time for the talks but I did attend a few. Jonos talk about the Ubuntu-community was one of them. It was really funny and you should definitely see him live. Sebas gave a talk about KDE4. One word: Impressive. So many cool new features and concepts. Can’t wait for the release in october. And the last one was the Ubuntu-grill where the audience was able to ask questions about Ubuntu. Unfortunately a big part of the questions was rather boring and some seem to have thought that this is the right place for bugreports.

Jonos talk

The social event for the community on wednesday was perfect. Yummy food and drinks and long conversations. Perfect to get to know each other. Same at the Ubuntu-BBQ on Friday.

the social event

Everyone tries to make you feel welcome. This is what Linux is about. This is the Linux-community at it’s best.

Hope to see and hear (“Awwwwuuuuuuoooooooooo” ;-)) some of you IRL again.

(photos by Carlos Diener/emonkey of kubuntu-de.org)

Ubuntu-Women needs to refocus

We need to refocus.

I like to be a part of the Ubuntu-community and especially being a part of Ubuntu-Women but lately it has become a place to shame men. It has become a group that actively drives men out of the community – men that do lots of good and hard work for Ubuntu. It has become a group that makes men afraid to joke and be themselves. We need to be a group that tries to make women stronger again.

Women being harassed should still be able to get support and comfort from us. The thing right now is that someone comes with a problem and it gets blown out of proportion big time because the silent majority does not stand up to calm down the discussion. I had a lot of talks with people on Linuxtag (you know who you are ;-)) and the impression I got was that some men get afraid to talk to women because they might end up making a joke that can be understood in a wrong way. This is hurting women because they get excluded. We are not the moral-police of the ubuntu-community. Ubuntu-Women is important and it would be a shame to end up with such a bad reputation in the community. So please really do talk to the people involved, don’t assume the worst every time, meet this people IRL or at least talk to someone who did. You often get a totally biased opinion about someone online (be it positive or negative).

So girls come on and let’s start to focus on the really important things again. Let’s get the mentoring growing. Let’s get active in packaging. Let’s start to make more women appreciate Linux. Let’s get back to making women stronger in this wonderful community.

PS: REAL jerks still need get their ass kicked 😉 and \sh is a really nice guy.


LinuxTag 2007

We are heading to Berlin in just a few hours. I have to confess I’m a little excited. 😉
We will show the latest stable Amarok and a Preview of Amarok 2.0 with lots of nice new features. Ah and we’ll sell shirts of course. *g*
So stop by the Amarok-booth, say hello and don’t forget to attend Svens talk.

Pictures will follow soon I hope.

“I want all the money to be gone by the time I would turn 100.”

Stumbled upon this interesting article about Mark Shuttleworth today: Afronaut is skiing to the cutting edge of IT


Shuttleworth concedes that now that he has made a lot of money and explored space, it would be nice to change the world.

“I am entirely unmotivated by trying to be a multibillionaire. I want all the money to be gone by the time I would turn 100.”

BTW: Posting will proceed in English due to inclusion of this blog to the UbuntuWomen-Planet.

sun-java5-jre unter Kubuntu

Wenn ihr das Problem habt, dass ihr sun-java5-jre unter Kubuntu mit apt-get und adept nicht installieren könnt, weil die Lizenzvereinbarung nicht angezeigt werden kann, versucht folgendes: Synaptic installieren (Ja ich weiß, dass das nicht ganz sauber ist.) und damit die Installation erneut durchführen und bei der Installation das Dreieck im Fenster anklicken, wodurch das Terminal angezeigt wird. Dann kann man die Lizenzvereinbarung akzeptieren und die
Installation sollte problemlos weitergehen.

Danke an die hilfreiche Person im Kubuntuforum die mich auf diesen Trick gebracht hat 😉

Die genaue Fehlermeldung war übrigens: sun-dlj-v1-1 license could not be presented

Produktiv arbeiten unter Linux

Nachdem ich mich nun ein paar Tage in Kubuntu eingearbeitet habe bin ich auf ein paar interessante Programme oder auch nur Kleinigkeiten gestoßen die mir das Arbeiten unter Linux um einiges erleichtern. Einige dieser Dinge hätte ich mir schon unter Windows gewünscht aber da konnte ich sie nicht nutzen weil es sie zB nur als teures Programm zu kaufen gab oder es sind Kleinigkeiten an die ich nie gedacht hätte die aber einfach toll und einfallsreich sind.

(Ich arbeite unter KDE und kann leider nicht sagen ob es für andere Desktops ähnliche Programme gibt. Aber ihr dürft natürlich gern in den Kommentaren über eure Erfahrungen berichten.)

Hier also ein paar der bereits entdeckten Goodies:

  • Beim Speichern als, Umbenennen und so weiter wird nur der Dateiname und nicht die Endung markiert, sodass man sofort losschreiben kann und nicht erst nur den Namen auswählen oder am Ende die Endung erneut eingeben muss.
  • Katapult ist ein kleines Programm das man per ALT+Space startet um dann zB ein Programm zu starten. Man beginnt den Namen des Programms zu tippen und Katapult zeigt das erstbeste Ergebnis an. Man tippt weiter bis das gewünschte Programm gefunden ist. Im Moment kann es neben Programmen auch die Musik von Amarok und Bookmarks durchsuchen und starten sowie Berechnungen durchführen. Es soll aber noch erweitert werden.
  • Wenn man eine Datei oder einen Ordner per Drag and Drop verschiebt erscheint ein Menü um auszuwählen ob man Verschieben oder Kopieren möchte.
  • Das ganze funktioniert noch viel besser wenn man auf eine Datei oder einen Ordner rechtsklickt. Im Menü hat man dann einen Unterpunkt “Move to” und “Copy to”. Als Untermenü klappt hier die Ordnerstruktur auf, sodass man für Verschieben und Kopieren nicht mehr das Ziel in einem Fenster geöffnet haben muss sondern nur noch die Ausgangsdatei/-ordner.
  • Wenn man über eine Datei oder einen Ordner geht klappen die wichtigsten Infos dazu auf inklusive einer Preview des Inhalt wenn möglich. So steht bei einem Torrent hier zB die TrackerURL und die Anzahl der enthaltenen Dateien; bei einem Bild die Größe und ob ein Blitz verwendet wurde.
    over21.jpg over.jpg
  • Und natürlich das wahrscheinlich Nützlichste: Vervollständigung von Dateinamen in der Konsole mit Tab.

Na wenn das mal keine Pluspunkte für Linux sind… Ich wünschte das hätte mir schon mal jemand vorher erzählt.

Habt ihr noch mehr Tipps? Tolle Programme? Etwas anderes? Ab in die Kommentare damit 😉