Hel, Gna and Syn

Inspired by Aaron’s postings about his and others network naming schemes I finally decided to drop the boring names in my own network (lydia-desktop, lydia-laptop and so on). I went for Norse goddesses.

So as of today my desktop is called Hel (hell of a machine), my laptop is Gna (makes me say gna* a lot) and my Fon Access Point is Syn. I love it 😉

What would you have chosen from the list? And what naming scheme do you use?

* gna = argh

3 thoughts on “Hel, Gna and Syn”

  1. I actually have a naming convention for the computers I’ve been using. They are usually from scifi or fantasy (whether they are from books, movies or tv). My first laptop was Picard, my current one Kaylee and the desktop machine at home is Figaro, after the Figaro twins of Final Fantasy 🙂

  2. Well, I’m used to name my computers like animals, but your thread made me think. So if I had to choose from norse godessess, I would go for Lofn and Eir of course 🙂

  3. Well, I never really thought about a naming /scheme/, but now that we have four computers, I should probably come up with something, should I not?
    Eh, call me boring– I think I’m going to go with hardware vendor names or CPU/RAM specs.. maybe run glxgears -fps on all of them and go with that…

    Wetware mandates personality. Hardware does not… but then, if I wanted to get really creative… ..nope, can’t think of anything. I’d recommend a hardinfo script to generate the name automatically… that could be interesting… that could be /very/ interesting…. if it was done right..
    ..while we’re at it, how much trouble would it save us if we used software to name our kids?

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