Google my hero

Google, you made my day!

Finally you released a search for Google Reader and moved the limit of the new items count for each feed from 100 to 1000. These where the two things that seriously bugged me about it (and I am sure other feed junkies too ;-)).

The only thing that’s missing now is the abbility to remove posts that have zero value for me before I even get to see them. So a serious AI is needed. Is that possible within the next year? That would be perfect.


a feed junkie 😉

Hel, Gna and Syn

Inspired by Aaron’s postings about his and others network naming schemes I finally decided to drop the boring names in my own network (lydia-desktop, lydia-laptop and so on). I went for Norse goddesses.

So as of today my desktop is called Hel (hell of a machine), my laptop is Gna (makes me say gna* a lot) and my Fon Access Point is Syn. I love it 😉

What would you have chosen from the list? And what naming scheme do you use?

* gna = argh