What a Sunday…

Whoa what a ride 😉

The Amarok bugday was a blast. Thank you everyone who took part. And an even bigger thank you to those who are still hugging the beasties. YOU ROCK! The goal of flooding my inbox with bugmail has been reached 😛

Kubuntu tutorials day went very well. To my surprise I got the honour to pitch in for nixternal since he couldn’t make it.  Thanks nixternal; also for the notes 🙂 Logs of all talks can be found in the KubuntuWiki.

Lots of love for my little FolderView intro. I didn’t expect that to be honest. But it is nice to see that more and more people realise what a powerful and beautiful tool they will be given with KDE 4.

In the comments I was asked to show screenshots of the menu of FolderView. Since this was not implemented in time for KDE 4.1 Beta 1, which I am using right now, I couldn’t provide them. But fear not. Yours Truly asked and was given 😉 Thanks Tony.

FolderView menu

FolderView menu 2

FolderView menu 3

4 thoughts on “What a Sunday…”

  1. Now it looks even better 🙂

    Btw, when I tried beta 1 and the container what was mentioned by Aaron, is there way to get a scrollbar or icons size controlled on the container? Because when I resized the container for smaller size, the icons staid too big and most of them got hided “under” the container edge, so I needed to resize container for bigger size to see them.

    I think we need scrollbar what comes up when mouse is moved to right edge of container and small +/- “buttons” (marks) to right top/bottom corner what allows user to set icon+text size to smaller and bigger. And what I hope, is that we get two different views to that container, list (icon+name+size) and current icon view.

    Next… going to watch the Aarons “teleplay” of desktop 😉

  2. @FFI13: I am pretty sure they are working on solving this problem somehow. Though I am not sure if it is by introducing a scrollbar. We will see.

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