Let’s be dynamic again!

Hands up in the air everyone! Please cheer for Daniel! 😉
Dynamic playlists are back \o/

Daniel, my Summer of Code student, has been working hard to get one of the most loved features of Amarok 1.4 back for Amarok 2 and probably made a lot of people very happy by doing that last week. He implemented a dynamic mode as basis for the biased playlists he will be working on next. First results can be seen now and it is going to be great. It already improved a lot over what we had in Amarok 1.4 because it is easier to discover, configure and use. And I am sure Daniel will continue to improve it and kick ass 😉

You can read more about it in his status report for this week and of course try it yourself with Neon or your own build. Go read it!

/me is proud and so happy she can listen to music again without having to select songs herself all the time

2 thoughts on “Let’s be dynamic again!”

  1. Wikid!

    Selecting songs is so 1990’s. Bring on the dynamic music juciness! Sir Daniel… Bugsbane salutes you.

    You ROCK!

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