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  1. I hope there is RPM packages for Mandriva 2008 Spring (2008.1) and OpenSuse 11.0! Currently it is impossible to get test version for OpenSuse! Amarok team should “forget” kubuntu and support other more famous distributions because those has bigger user base! (and “forget” means they should remember all other typical distributions!)

  2. @Fri13: No packages are provided yet. For any distro. I just send an email to the packagers a few hours ago. They will decide if it is suitable for their users or not and will then package it or not.
    About openSUSE: NEON packages are available. They just need more testing and are therefore not yet official. Ask for them in #amarok.neon on freenode.

  3. Thanks. As Amarok from my SNV version still crashes quite often, could you please write a short blog entry about which kind of end user testing and bug reporting would be helpful to you?

  4. Wow, this must be one of the worst, ugliest user interfaces I’ve ever seen. Can I buy some more space, please? Oh, and some more areas which I can fill up with random stuff (like gorgeous 3+ column web sites).

    Ok, it’s an alpha, but judging from my experience with perfectly stable KDE releases, I’m not sure the UI will change/improve.

  5. Greetings from Czech Republic! I have only one question. Why did you choose codename “Malina”? Do you have czech developers? Because “malina” in czech is “raspberry” in english 😉

  6. @Furanku: I will try to if I find the time. Thanks for the tip.

    @Shocked: We just got a new very good artist who will help with the UI. We are aware that it is not perfect just yet. It will change.

    @MMMM: Hehe. No that is not the intended meaning here 😉 Google it and you will find out. It is just a nice coincident that it also means raspberry in some languages 🙂

  7. Hmm. Well I googled malina. Youtube shows some half naked dancers, wikipedia tells the story of an inuit woman that cut off her breasts and told her brother to eat them.

    So which of those do you think describes Amarok best? 🙂

  8. @Leo: The latter. It is Inuit folklore. Rather brutal the way you tell it. But there are slightly different versions of the story.
    And it is not so much about the name being descriptive for Amarok. It is about making people aware of the Inuit culture. And as you may know Amarok is also part of it.

  9. Hehe, ok I suspected as much because of the Amarok connection, but upon reading the story it seemed a little weird.

    Reading that Wikipedia entry on Malina, you really get the sense that the essence of the story has been lost in translation…

  10. Malina is a solar deity in Inuit mythology. She is found most commonly in the legends of Greenland that link her closely with the lunar deity Anningan, her brother. Malina is constantly fleeing from Anningan as the result of strife between the two (legends vary as to the cause). Their constant chase is the traditional explanation for the movement of the sun and moon through the sky.

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