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  1. It looks awesome…I’m going to upgrade tonight to test this first beta…

    Great job ! 😉

  2. Great! But where is device support? And what about iPod Touch/iPhone. I rly want to have support for thoes devices ;] Thanx

  3. I really want to like Amarok, I really do. But I look at the UI of iTunes as it plays my music. It uncluttered, clean and unobtrusive. When I look at the Amarok-UI (granted, when it comes to 2.0 I only have screenshots to go by) I’m utterly confused. Everything seems to complicated and “in your face”. Looking at this:


    Where exactly is my music? If my music is on the rightmost column, what is all that stuff on the left? What’s that thing in the middle? There seems to be million things in that screenshot, all demanding my attention.

    For comparison, iTunes:


    What if I just want an iTunes-esque list of media/devices in one column, and if I select something from that column, it’s contents gets shown on a second column. Very simple, very clean. Is that possible? I don’t want all that extra fluff cluttering the app. I just want music-playback, and I want it clean, simple and to the point.

    Now, I CAN see why so many people love Amarok. It probably has more features than all the other jukeboxes put together. But if I just want to listen to music from my own collection, it seems like massive overkill.

  4. @Janne: Please try Amarok 2. It is not as complicated as you think it is.

    The screenshot you linked to was alpha 1. That is very outdated by now. It improved a lot.
    The right part is your playlist. The middle part is the context view that shows context information to the song you are listen ing to. And on the left side is the collection/internet services and various other stuff.

    Give it a try now and see if you still have problems with it.

  5. I like Amarok 2. A LOT…
    How can I get it into kubuntu intrpid? The kde members ppa only has the hardy version.

  6. I have an apology to make, I was an original Amarok 2 naysayer (although not very vocal about it). From the screenshot you have just shown my fears of Amarok teetering on the precipice of bloat have been allayed. You seem to have pulled off an extraordinay feat for open-source, you have created a featureful application (much beyond that of Itunes (although integration with the store would be nice as there podcast list is second to none (I think its proprietary nature may make that impossible))) with a simple looking GUI. Go Amarok!!!

  7. @Christophe: The intrepid version was uploaded a few minutes ago and should be available soon.

    @Bostonpeng: You can just continue using the nightlies. They will always give you the most recent SVN version. To get the beta install the amarok-kde4 package.

    @Dave: Thank you! We appreciate it very much. And yes having the ITunes store and podcasts integrate would rock. Unfortunately I don’t see it happen anytime soon 🙁


    There is support for media devices. At the moment only iPod and MTP. But just plugin in your device and mount it. It should show up in the collection browser. And you can directly browse and play the music as if there it were local (for iPod).

    You can also load music on it.

  9. @ DANIELW: i dont have ‘media device’ options in amarok. Later i will build it from SVN again. But is there a support for iPod touch? They are different as the normal iPods with flash disk support. That’s why i’m asking.

  10. SHEYTAN:

    Well there is no “media device” options section in Amarok 2 anymore. There is currently no configuration needed at all.

    And about the iPhone/iPod touch. I asked the developer of the iPod support.

    He said if libgpod 0.6.0 suppots it, it should work.

    And in more detail: It doesn’t work yet for firmware 2. But well for that Apple is to blame. They do not really like 3rd party apps.

    With firmware 1.1.4 it should work, though.


  11. i been using amarok from svn and works very well, and the interface is very clean, and the 3 colums really like it, dont miss anything from amarok1.4, and if something is loose, only time to be in amarok2 again, but the most important is ready.

  12. @SHEYTAN: iPod Touch/iPhone support will only work up to firmware 1.1.4. Newer firmware has an updated checksumming algorithm for the iTunesDB, which has not yet been reverse engineered and is not yet supported by libgpod. This is the library that Amarok depends upon for accessing Apple media devices.

  13. i’ve 1.1.1 firmware, libgpod 0.6.0, and it doesn’t shows any additional collections in ‘collection’ section.
    “There’s also preliminary support for the iPhone and the iPod Touch but they must be jailbroken to work. ” my ipod is jailbroken.

  14. @Lydia:
    You wrote “Please try Amarok 2. It is not as complicated as you think it is.”
    I’m sorry… I’m in no way a PC or Linux newbie but Amarok 2 is in some ways too complicated for me and in other ways to simple.
    For example I can’t stand A2’s playlist handling. Why is so much going on in Amarok2’s GUI but it’s impossible to do basic playlist sorting? I understand that A2 is still in development and that some aspects of A2 will change until the final release, but as I see it now, Amarok2 will not suit me.

  15. Hello!

    First of all congratulations for the hard work done!

    I’m using the nightly amarok versions in kubuntu with kde4.1 nightly too. The colors used in kde and the colors used in amarok doesn’t match… I’m using obsidian coast colors in kde, but amarok shows the ozone ones…

    Is this a bug? or it is my configuration’s fault?

  16. @Poldark: You need to copy your settings from ~/.kde4 to ~/amarok-nightly
    Since Neon is sandboxed the usual KDE settings are not available to it if you don’t copy it there.

  17. I hope that control view gets new themes soon. I liked the Alpha versions position, volume and play-control buttons. I hope too that Amarok2 will get a menu hiding option because now it looks very ugly when it has so big space just for a few menu entries. Is there a plan to include the menu hiding support? It makes kopete, dolphin, konqueror, K3b, Kaffeine and many other application so usefull when menu can be hided after all settings has done, so the application is very easy to use.

  18. @Markus: I feel same sometimes. I like the look of right playlist, but I dont like that I cant remove the middle part what I dont need. By some reason the left panels include all kind buttons and other clutter what makes Amarok2 harder to use than they were on first Amarok. I have version of Amarok2 just before the first beta, what I’m about to install today.

    What I dont understand is that position slider does not follow KDE themes, by coloring. But hopefully it is easyli themed. And what was about those red arrows when you moved mouse over the middle section? Was is a try to do samekind plasma “desktop” than KDE4 has? I’m glad it was removed 🙂 (or someway it’s disabled on me ;-))

  19. I have a suggestion: Sometimes I like to sit on my chair and watch the analyzer of Amarok 1.4. So this is something I realy miss in Amarok 2. Please add an analyzer. Maybe you can put it over the progressbar.

  20. @Lydia: Thank you very much! Much better now 🙂

    Let me ask another question… I click on the video player applet and it show a blank screen and nothing more…

    Do I need to install anything else? any program?

  21. @Lydia: The problem is that I don’t know how to do it work…

    It doesn’t play any video of the current track automatically, and I don’t find any way to look for a video…

    In any case thank you very much for your support 😀 and thanks to all the amarok team!!!

  22. Hi,
    thanks a lot the great GUI changes. I especially like the idea to place the control buttons as far away from the playlist as possible. The big empty area in the middle is also a fantastic idea. Exactly, what you need, when you just want to manage your playlist, while working on something else. And moving the kontextbrowser from a tab to an own column is outrightous brillant, i always felt, i need to have it in view, while managing the collection and vice versa. And if i want to see only on of them, window-resizing is a lot faster than changing tabs, isn’t it?

    So thanks a lot, you are on the right track

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