LibriVox – take 2

Some time ago I wrote about the LibriVox script in Amarok. It has been ported now and works like a charm.
For those who don’t know how the script came to be: Hanno Svoboda reported a bug on saying that he would like to have LibriVox integrated in Amarok. We asked if there is a nice API we can use and Hanno got in touch with the LibriVox developers to find out. After some emails and chats everything we needed was provided and Nikolaj sat down to code the script for the service in a very short time and it is now one of our nicest scripted services. All of this was just a matter of a few days and getting the right people to work together.
Hanno has been so kind to do a short video. Please enjoy and thanks to Hanno for the video and for bringing this wonderful service to our attention in the first place.


This should show you two things:
1) Is is really easy to integrate a service into Amarok 2.
2) If you have great ideas and help us realize them amazing things can happen.

2 thoughts on “LibriVox – take 2”

  1. thanks for featuring my video in your blog and thanks for the quick response from the amarok team to my suggestion.
    It’s a nice example for the advantages of the open source model. Keep up the good work!

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