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  1. Nice work! Does QT 4.5 speed up the time that applications draw as when I raise a window from the panel the grey rectangle appears and then after some time (4-5 seconds in some cases) the window draws itself. This is true for all QT apps but it is some what more pronounced on Amarok 2.* and I never seem to have the problem with Firefox on the GTK toolkit (I don’t like GTK much but it does suit older hardware more than QT 4 (QT 3 was fine)).

  2. You can speed up window “redrawing” when using desktop effects. In kwin’s effects settings dialog, there’s an option to keep the window redrawing (updating) even when it’s not visible. I think the option is called “keep icon current” or something similar (not in front of KDE right now…). For me, it fixes all the redrawing delays after minimizing.

    Basically, if I understand this correctly, X is trying to save memory/resources/etc. when a window is minimized by not updating that window. Then when the window is reactivated, X suddenly has to play catchup, causing a delay in drawing. You can force X to always keep the window contents up-to-date, even when the window is minimized/hidden, and the effects work better at the expense of some resources.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Dave, try to use XAA instead of the default EXA for accelerating your XRender 2d stuff. That helped here, a lot. Before it took half a second each time to switch windows, no matter what they did. Afterwards, it was way quicker (without composite enabled):

    Option “AccelMethod” “XAA”

    .. Exa currently sucks with intel drivers 🙂

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