UserBase Competition

UserBase, the KDE user wiki, is really growing nicely but certain areas are still lacking quality content. To get those into shape we decided to start a little competition. We will announce a certain part of the wiki that needs love every two weeks and then start working on it together. The top contributors will get a beer at Akademy (or another drink of their choosing at an event they attend). This is a perfect way for you to get involved in KDE and a lot of people will be thankful to find the information prepared for them in the wiki.

KOffice will be the first project for our competition. What needs to be done? Easy! These blogposts need to be transfered to the Hints, Tips and Tutorials section of the Krita page on UserBase. Of course if you feel like giving the rest of the KOffice pages some attention that is appreciated as well.

Don’t forget to log in when editing pages so we know who gets to drink the beer 😉
Any more questions? Ask away in #kde-www on freenode or send an email to

Oh and of course I already have the next project lined up but I’ll keep that one to myself for now and will announce it together with the winners of the first round 😉 Let me know if you have a project you’d like to see in round 3!