UserBase Competition – Round 2

Two weeks ago we announced the first round of our competition for UserBase. We are happy to announce the winner: Nikita Lyalin! Congratulations and thank you for helping improve UserBase.

As we will be releasing Amarok 2.1 soon the next two weeks will be all about improving the Amarok page on UserBase to make it ready for the next release. It currently does not contain up-to-date information and should be updated to actually reflect the state of Amarok 2.1 and not mix in Amarok 1.4 features. The winner gets a beer at Akademy or another event where we meet. Everyone is welcome to help. If you have questions please ask in #amarok on freenode or on our mailinglist

Oh and here two more pictures by Leo from the Amarok developer sprint at KDAB:
Who can spot the 4 bad-ass KDE developers on the first photo?
KDE Superheroes
Amarokers at the dev sprint
Aren’t we a clever and good looking bunch? 😛

Rock on!

7 thoughts on “UserBase Competition – Round 2”

  1. Ah forgot to add names for the second photo.
    on the left couch: Bart (Stecchino), Wendy (CREAW), Dan (leinir) and me
    in the corner: Max (maxx_k) and Gerard (tightcode)
    on the right couch: Sven (sven423), Myriam (Mamarok), Mark (markey) and Nikolaj (nhnfreespirit)
    on the floor: Frederik (fregl), Nuno (pinheiro) and Leo (lfranchi)

  2. I’m going to guess: dude in dark glasses, other dude in dark glasses, Till, and final dude in dark glasses.
    I would’ve ended with chick in dark glasses but their aren’t enough female devs around for this to be probable

    P.S. You look shorter in real life! 😛

  3. Hi,
    I’m Nikita Lyalin aka tinman321, thx for beer. I hope that we will meet in the future, probably not in this year…

  4. Well, well, well…

    I think Nikita was very happy for your invite and hi had a took roof. So, I’ve to offer another way: you comes to our place with your beautiful bear. 🙂

    We have a nice hotel. Here it is (I’m sorry, coze in russian text only. Do you have anybody who knows Russian?)

    I beleave we might to talk ?n many subjects.

    It’s OK?

    Sincerely yours

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