social media guide for free software projects

Lately more and more people come to me with questions like “What does $randomsocialmediaterm mean?” or “How does $socialmediasite work?” or “How do I do this on $socialmediasite?“. It seems people start to understand that social media can be a huge thing for free software projects but don’t really know where to start or where to look for help.

So I sat down for a few hours and wrote the Social Media Guide For Free Software Projects. Download it and find out how social media can help your project stay in touch with your users and make it rock even more. Learn about digg, Twitter,, and more. The guide includes basic intros to different sites as well as advanced tips for how to deal with social media in general.

Enjoy and please leave feedback for the next version of the guide πŸ™‚


When the KDE forum team started they came to me asking what to do about the Amarok forum. It was fairly active and working ok. So we decided to keep it and just link to it from so people looking there would find it. Lately the forum software was causing more and more problems though and we are low on moderators as well. Luckily since they started the KDE forum team has done an amazing job, making the KDE forum so much better than the Amarok one.

I’m happy to announce that we moved the Amarok forum to the official KDE forum at toΒ  enjoy a better forum, reduce maintainance and reduce the number of needed accounts for KDE websites.

All content and account data have been migrated. Migration of attachments and avatars is still in progress. Some nicks conflicted. If you can’t log in with your nick try your email address. If you want nicks changed/merged in this case please get in touch with me or the KDE forum team in #kde-forum on freenode.

Thanks to the KDE forum team for handling migration and Jeff for helping on the Amarok side.

Now go and enjoy a much improved Amarok forum πŸ™‚

Where is the buzz?

The buzz is at of course πŸ˜‰Β  Check it out and watch what people are saying about the KDE 4.3 release on, Twitter, Flickr, Picasaweb and YouTube. Don’t forget to upload your own screenshots and screencasts!

(Thanks to the Ubuntu team for the code, toma for putting it into a KDE theme and Nuno for a new header image.)