Where is the buzz?

The buzz is at buzz.kde.org of course 😉  Check it out and watch what people are saying about the KDE 4.3 release on Identi.ca, Twitter, Flickr, Picasaweb and YouTube. Don’t forget to upload your own screenshots and screencasts!

(Thanks to the Ubuntu team for the code, toma for putting it into a KDE theme and Nuno for a new header image.)

6 thoughts on “Where is the buzz?”

  1. Very nice. maybe there could be small icon in front of each entry which could indicate the kind of source (image, microblog, blog …)

    Oh and a small tip just in case people haven’t thought about it: you can add the Web Browser widget/plasmoid to the desktop and open http://buzz.kde.org/ in it 🙂

  2. @Jure: If you open the page in Firefox you get icons 😉 Not sure why it doesn’t work in Konqueror – patches welcome.
    And nice idea with the plasmoid!

  3. Where is the upstream of this code? What is it licensed? I’m interested in setting up something similar for another project.

  4. @Anders Yes we’re aware that it crashes Konqueror for a few people. It has been fixed and the fix will be in 4.3.1.

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