In the last 14 weeks the Amarok team has been working hard to get Amarok 2.2 ready for prime-time. We’ve worked in dark cellars, in a nice living room in front of a warm fire, at the beach, at airports, in cabins in the wood, on the train – yea you get it – pretty much everywhere.

Today we can finally present you the result. Amarok 2.2 is out in the wild and brings lots of goodies people have been waiting for. Check out the release announcement and please digg it!

With that I say bye bye and run off to a very sunny island with my fellow rokers – oh wait, no – we gotta prepare 2.2.1. Stay tuned 😉

More serious though: I’m getting ready for the GSoC mentor summit. Soooo excited.

3 thoughts on “Sunjammer”

  1. Lovely to see Amarok improving. The only things I miss so far are firstly multiple collections out from one root directory(i.e. having for instance “example/folder1” displayed as “Rock” and “example/folder2” shown as “Jazz”) and theming. 🙂

    Keep rocking 😉

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