What is KDE for you?

For me KDE is:

  • working with great people
  • good friends
  • people to depend on
  • a community that helps me do things I would never have imagined I would be able to do
  • me going to random places around the world and having a couch to sleep on
  • a team that gets stuff done
  • having someone to share good and bad things with
  • people who are so far away and yet so close
  • a team that brings me to my limits
  • a crowd that has seemingly endless energy to make better software
  • so much more than just a desktop environment.

7 thoughts on “What is KDE for you?”

  1. Um, hate to be a bubble burster, but for me, KDE is a desktop environment. A very good one, though.

    I trust that this new move on the part of the KDE community will be good in the long run, but for now it seems really strange. Not looking forward to telling non-linux users that I’m using “Plasma Desktop”. And the flame wars… “GNOME vs Plasma Desktop/Netbook/Tablet/Toaster…”

    I speak in jest, of course.

  2. Yah Lydia you are absolutely right, KDE is not just a desktop. For me also it is much more than that. The words are not sufficient to describe about the community 🙂

  3. Well… we should start couchsurf.kde.org to share our spare sofas and beds between KDE people!

    i already see a plasmoid that warn you about some kde geek approaching to your door to spend a couple of days with you!

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