looking for awesome GSoC ideas

It’s that time of the year again when we need to start thinking about awesome ideas for GSoC. I just prepared a page on the community wiki to collect them. The list needs to be finished by March 8th. Got a great idea for a nice project a student could be working on for the summer? Add it! If you are unsure or have any questions ping me or the team of the app you have an idea for.

3 thoughts on “looking for awesome GSoC ideas”

  1. Well, like I mentioned time ago in the KDE-Edu mailing list: a “general conversion tool” for tables to various xml formats and from one xml to another xml format etc. where one can add further formats over time would be great.

    If this is a good idea we can actually start to think about more detailed specifications for what we need.

    Cheers, Sabine

  2. Hi, I am tuxnani, who spoke to you few hours back on irc, I couldn’t find any good ideas for gsoc for kde-edu, also, i am intending to contribute to kde from my side which is above gsoc. If there is a list of to-dos please send me.

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