KDE accepted for GSoC 2010

KDE has once again been accepted as an org for GSoC. Yay! This means we’ll once again be welcoming a bunch of great students into our team to make KDE software rock this summer.

So what to do now?
If you’re a student who wants to take part in GSoC this year: Go and check out the ideas page and pick one you like or come up with your own idea. Then get in touch with the team working on the program you want to contribute to over the summer. Work with them to write a kick-ass proposal and then hopefully make it reality this summer. To keep up with all things GSoC you can also subscribe to the kde-soc@kde.org mailing list.

If you’re a potential mentor: Go and check out the flow chart below. It has everything you should need to know about how we’re doing GSoC this year. Then go and subscribe to the kde-soc-mentor@kde.org list. Further announcements for mentors will be made there.

If you have any questions please join us in our IRC channel #kde-soc on freenode or send an email to the kde-soc mailing list.

KDE GSoC process 2010

11 thoughts on “KDE accepted for GSoC 2010”

  1. 🙂 great to hear it is useful. And you’re not the only one uncertain all the time about timelines and stuff. That’s why we did it.

  2. Cool, very exciting. Something I was trying to find; do we have any sort of updated statistic about our retention rate for GSoC students? By retention I mean the percentage that stick around to continue development on KDE after GSoC. I think I remember reading about such a number sometime last year, but I haven’t been able to find it.

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  4. Great chart! Only one note: don’t use JPEG for diagrams, because it’s lossy and introduces artifacts; PNG is lossless and will actually make the size of the image smaller. Sorry for being fussy 😉 Keep the great job!!!

  5. @Maniacmusician there was some effort to find out but it is just too hard to get all the data and keep it updated

    @Dimitar I know and honestly don’t think it matters here

  6. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be offensive.

    I like the diagram very much, and I wonder what tool is used to create it.

    Thanks! 🙂

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