Season of KDE 2009 wrap-up

Stu is awesome and because he’s awesome he wrote a nice wrap-up of the successful SoK 2009 projects for Google’s Open Source blog. Go and read it and see the cool stuff that has been done last year.

This is the package our 4 successful students received:

Thanks a bunch to Giulia, ruphy and sheytan for designing the shirt and certificate and Claudia and Torsten for getting them printed and shipped.

Oh and btw: I’m still looking for more mentors – ping me! 😀

9 thoughts on “Season of KDE 2009 wrap-up”

  1. These are great shirts! Looking forward to the package.

    Thanks Nightrose and the designers and ship-pers 🙂 and everyone else involved in SoK.

  2. Awesome, it looks like a very lovely setI’m anxious to get them 🙂

    Good job on organizing this, keep it up Lydia – we need more developers 😉

  3. Great read. The link article as well. I’ve got an idea. What about publishing the “best” ideas without Google approval after the GSoC decision time and provide a possibility for the people to donate some money for their preferred projects.

    I’m sure we/you get enough money for some additional projects!

  4. It would just be a huge PITA tbh. Employing people in different parts of the world isn’t trivial.
    Besides it isn’t all about the money, is it? 😉

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