Akademy is (not so) far away

Last year around this time everyone was getting ready for the Desktop Summit. I couldn’t make it and I could still kick myself for it tbh. Watching it remotely was rather painful as the information flow wasn’t as good as it could have been. So I promised myself two things for this year’s Akademy: 1) I’m soooooo going to be there. 2) I’m going to help make it easier on the people who can not go for whatever reason.

So here is the run-up of resources you will need to keep up-to-date on all things Akademy while it is happening in 2 weeks:

Most of them have RSS feeds you can subscribe to – use them 🙂

If there is anything else that would be helpful please leave a note in the comments.

Now if you are going to be in Tampere and going to make the world rock more, spread the coolness:

  • identi.ca: join the !akademy group (you can’t post without joining)  and post about what you’re doing
  • identi.ca: poke me, Claudia or Kenny to get useful stuff posted to @akademy
  • twitter: tweet about cool stuff and tag it with #akademy
  • twitter: poke me, Claudia or Kenny to get useful stuff posted to @akademy
  • flickr: upload photos and tag them with #akademy and #akademy2010
  • write blog posts and have it aggregated to planetKDE
  • ping jefferai to get etherpad set up for your team for live meeting notes if your team doesn’t have one yet (I know at least promo and edu do)
  • if you’re a speaker: get your slides to the program committee, the friendly folks who sent you your talk confirmation

And you might have guessed it already…

(Special thanks to my employer ontoprise and the KDE e.V. for paying travel and accommodation. It would not be possible without you. *hint* individual supporting membership *hint*)

Hmmm and while I’m at it I might as well create some buzz for my talks, right? So I’ll be doing 3 talks it seems:

Be there! You know you want to 😉  I’ll also be doing 3 BoF’s on git, community and wikis for those interested. Oh and I’m writing on a paper on mentoring to accompany my community talk. I’ll post it here when it’s published.

CU in Tampere! 😀

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