Do you want to be a chair?

Ever had the urge to be a chair? Not the wooden kind with 4 legs. I’m talking about session chairs for Akademy. The program committee is still looking for session chairs and this is your chance to help out and do your part to make Akademy rock. (If you don’t have anything to help out with yet you should feel guilty right about now ;-))

What would you need to do? Easy enough. You pick a track you want to chair. At Akademy you’d help the speakers of your track get set up, introduce them to the audience and make sure they finish on time.

Sounds like something you could do? Awesome. Leave a comment, email me or ping me on IRC.

10 thoughts on “Do you want to be a chair?”

  1. I can take Saturday Room 2 either 12:00 or 15:15. If you’re still short of people come Akademy I could do more, there’s very few talks I feel I must see.

  2. I could take
    Sunday 10-11 Room 1 (Applications and Lightning Talks) and
    Saturday 12-17 Room 1 (Community Part II) if no one else would like to do it.

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