When was that football match again?

As you might remember we had these little smiley machines at Akademy in Tampere in the conference area where people could walk by and express how they feel:


I’ve finally gotten hold of the data – wohoooooooo – thanks Matti! 😀

For everyone’s amusement I made a few graphs. Enjoy!

Overall we seem to have enjoyed Akademy quite a lot 😉

Now the really important questions are: When were the football matches? Can you see indicators for the social event, the day trip? Which talks made people happy? When did we get ice-cream? 😀

3 thoughts on “When was that football match again?”

  1. You have a nice collection of graphs. 🙂 I always wondered how to make something like this. What software did you use?

  2. Certainly *enough* graphs… From a usability perspective it would be smart to have the graph colours match the button colours, wouldn’t it?

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