in the middle of Code-in…

Google Code-in has been running for nearly 3 weeks now and we have another 4 weeks to go. I wanted to give a short status report.

First of all: The students are amazing! They’ve produced really really cool stuff in a very short time.  Let me highlight a few of the things that students did so far:

  • Translations: lots of them. Two of the translation teams came to me and said their team was not active recently and Code-in has brought back life into the team. Especially the Russian, Romanian and Polish translations will be a lot more complete for the next release.
  • Short movies: a particularly inspiring ad for KDE was posted to the promo list. It will be improved in the next days and then published. Check it out when it hits PlanetKDE!
  • Screencasts: lots of them. Really cool short intros to features of KDevelopKonqueror and more.
  • Posters and hand-outs: Amarok finally has a nifty poster for the booth at conferences. KDE-edu will get a nice hand-out soon.
  • Documentation: We’ve been meaning to write Amarok’s handbook for ages and slowly been getting there. In the last 3 weeks 5 or 6 students have nearly finished it. Parley got a step-by-step guide showing you how to prepare for an exam with it.
  • Code: Students have been coding all over the place. Check out the Marble earthquake online-service for example or the moodbar generator. You’ll also be able to enjoy new ready-made Plasma activity templates that you can download via GetHotNewStuff.
  • Podcast news: a student will be reading the news segment of the next episode of KDEMU with Guillermo.

There’s a lot more but I can only list so many. Right now we have 113 finished tasks. 32 tasks are being worked on and 50 tasks are up for students to claim and start working on. Rock on!

Google Code-in runs until January 10th. I can still accept tasks. Let me know if you want to mentor or take part as a student. I expect an influx of students over the holidays. Help me not run out of tasks – those 50 will be gone fast 😉

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  1. I’m currently without mail (mostly) because KMail is broken for me in 4.6 Beta, but I think a good idea could be tasks to create additional SVG themes for KDE games. Could you please ping kde-games-devel@ or freenode #kdegames if anyone can mentor that?

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