how making ads for KDE can change everything

This is a guest post from one of our Google Code-in students. Enjoy and watch the video! 🙂

Hello everyone! My name is Claudio Desideri (snizzo) and since the 22nd of November I took part in Google Code-in 2010. I did 6 tasks and worked only with the KDE Community, with promo people in particular. It was kind of a surprise for me to work with videos and multimedia because I’m a quite skilled php coder and so my original idea was to help kde-www. Unfortunately www tasks weren’t available at the time the contest started so I claimed one for a Konqueror screencast. While working on that I felt inspired and for the next task I chose one called “KDE Ad”.

In that particular moment I got the real point of Google Code-in. I decided not to take care of points and timing but I focused only on my work. That decision leads me to spend about 3 weeks just to realize an ad video for KDE in general with my mentor’s help. Then I really started talking with the KDE community and I got in touch with everyone for opinions on my work and I tried to improve myself through that. I’m writing this as my last task too and have to thanks really all the KDE community for what it gave me.

Actually I found any member very helpful and nice with me also when I became a little too pedantic. I did things I’ve never done before, I met very nice peope (especially one girl) during this and I really enjoyed myself. I also undestood the real meaning of “open source project” and gained experience in team work.

Also the main thing I learnt here is: when there is a problem, maybe YOU could fix it, and anyway you’re not alone doing it. And from now, I’ll never leave this community and will work again for KDE because it has been the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.

4 thoughts on “how making ads for KDE can change everything”

  1. Wow, Claudio. You rock! Very inspiring blog post, and absolutely wonderful ad.

    I was a mentor for GCI, and worked with a lot of *great* students around the world. I hope that many of them will be involved with KDE for years to come. We need your energy and fresh enthusiasm.

  2. Nice work ! Your happiness comes out from your work and your words. Truly Inspiring. 🙂

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