Desktop Summit 2011 CfP opens

The program committee of the Desktop Summit, the joint conference of GNOME and KDE, is happy to announce the Call for Participation. We are looking forward to your excellent submissions on a number of exciting topics, among them:

  • Closer collaboration between GNOME, KDE and related projects
  • GNOME, KDE and the mobile platform
  • The free desktops and social networks
  • Search, meta-data and the semantic desktop
  • The Desktop and the OS
  • Relationship with distributions and platforms
  • Optimizing power, memory and disk I/O usage
  • Designing and writing applications with strong user interfaces
  • Supporting non-technical contributions (e.g. documentation, visual design, marketing, project management, etc.) and attracting new community members
  • GNOME beyond the 3.0 release: the GNOME OS
  • Powerful foundations, elegant interfaces: Improvements in KDE applications
  • Government use of the free desktops; Free Software and non-governmental organization
  • Attention for Free Software software in education and participation of students

Find more details on the Desktop Summit website. Deadline for abstract submission is March 25th but submit today – don’t slack off – wow us! 😛

PS: I would offer cookies for the next 3 submissions but I still owe some to steveire for an Akademy 2010 submission. Better not make new offers before I gave him his well earned cookies 😀