It’s party time!

Another 6 months passed pretty quickly if you ask me. It’s time again to get together and celebrate a release together with fellow KDE contributors and users.

Ingo was so kind to prepare a wiki page for the 4.7 parties at Organizing a get-together? Add it quickly. The release is planned for 27th of this month.

If you have no idea what this is all about:

  • KDE people will meet all around the world for nice chats and a fun time for everyone to celebrate the 4.7 release.
  • Everyone can organize a party. Just add it to the wiki and let people sign up.
  • What happens at the party is up to you! Everything from meeting in a bar for a drink to a full event with talks and stuff is allowed. Be creative!
  • Everyone is welcome – contributors, soon-to-be contributors, users and close FOSS friends alike.

If you have questions email me or kde-promo at kde org.

The last release party here in Karlsruhe was great fun and got KDE a new awesome maintainer for Step.

And now go and reserve a table at a local restaurant 🙂 (There really isn’t more to do than that, a blog entry and maybe emailing a few locals. Oh and you should of course show up for your party :D)