Woah – Desktop Summit is close!

Only one week left until the Desktop Summit. Man, I’m so excited. Unfortunately not everyone will be able to be with us in Berlin in person. If you’re one of them, here’s what you need to stay up-to-date on things happening at the Desktop Summit:

Most of these have RSS feeds you can subscribe to – use them 🙂

If otoh you’re going to be in Berlin it’d be awesome if you would help people who can’t be there. Let’s get as much information to them as possible and make them feel like they’re there. Here’s how to spread what’s happening:
  • join the !desktopsummit group and post about what you’re doing (you can’t post without joining first – it can also be posted to with !ds2011)
  • identi.ca and twitter: poke Kenny, Claudia or me to have useful stuff posted to @desktopsummit
  • identi.ca and twitter: tag your messages with #ds2011
  • flickr: upload your fotos and videos and tag them with #ds2011
  • write blog posts and have them aggregated on Planet KDE or GNOME
  • ping jefferai to have an etherpad set up for your workshops/BoF if your team doesn’t have one already – this way people can follow the notes remotely
See you in Berlin next week! 🙂