Teaching the next Adas – join KDE for Ada Lovelace Day tutorials

October 7th is Ada Lovelace Day, a day where people write about women who influenced them in their science, technology, engineering or math career. KDE wants to celebrate the day a bit differently this year. We will help the next generations of Adas find their way in KDE and Qt. We’ll do this by holding a tutorial day for women and their friends (meaning women are the main focus of the event but everyone else who’s nice is welcome as well). The tutorials will be given by the excellent Myriam Schweingruber and Dario Freddi. Don’t forget to sign up.

  • How To Help With Bug Reports (5PM UTC)
    Coding in a Free Software project is a very important part, but by far not the only one. One of the possible fields where non-coders can get involved is bug triaging. This course will give an overview on bug triaging and testing. After the course the participant should be able to pick their preferred application and start helping in bug triaging. Myriam will talk about all the fine details of becoming a bugmaster from choosing the right project for yourself to figuring out what is missing in a bug report. This is probably one of the most valuable skills you can bring to KDE right now.
  • Building your own launcher (3PM UTC)
    In this tutorial, you will create a basic application launcher for KDE. Yes, a full-fledged one you can then have fun in turning into a real “start menu” with your new skills. While doing that, Dario will teach you the basics of KDE, Qt and QML, which will empower you to create your first shiny application.


    • Basic knowledge of C++, mainly syntax-wise
    • Beginner knowledge of Qt could be preferred, but not a requirement
    • A Linux+KDE installation
    • A working KDE development environment (Show up early in the channel if you don’t have that set up yet so we can still do that together.)
    • KDevelop 4.2+ (preferred) or Qt Creator, or your IDE of choice 🙂

    You will learn about:

    • Basic usage of CMake for building your project
    • Basic Qt paradigms
    • Some of KDE’s basic APIs such as KService, KIO, Solid
    • Basic QML programming
    • The Model/View paradigm and how to use it with Qt/KDE
    • Interaction between QML and C++
The tutorials will take place in #kde-tutorials on freenode. (You can use the webchat if you don’t already have a working IRC client.) Each course will last approximately 1 hour and will include a question and answer part.
Join us and spread the word to your friends 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Teaching the next Adas – join KDE for Ada Lovelace Day tutorials”

  1. Dario should probably pick C++ xor QML for a 1-hour tutorial. 🙂

    QML is a pretty fun first language, I wish I had it when I was starting.

  2. Hmm, in fact it was initially thought for a 1.30h-2h tutorial… we’ll look into fixing that

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