Akademy and awards and stuff!

I’m back at home from Akademy and already getting ready to fly out again early tomorrow morning for Wikimania. This is a crazy month…

Akademy was great this year (again). A big thank you to everyone who helped make it happen. I was also very happy with all the talks I’ve seen this year. I especially liked the keynotes by Mathias Klang and Will Schroeder. If you didn’t attend them you should totally go and watch the videos once they’re up. Another important thing was of course the KDE e.V. board election of Agustin and Pradeepto. We have a great team now to navigate us through the next 12 months and more. Exciting times ahead.

Besides this one of the personal highlights for me was of course the Akademy Awards ceremony. Getting the non-application award this year means a lot to me – especially together with Camilla, Kevin, Nicolás and the local team. My award says it is for the huge amount of work I do in KDE and especially everything around Google Summer of Code and Season of KDE. It is awesome to see that this work is valued so much. I can’t do all the GSoC/SoK work on my own though. Over the last years I’ve had quite a bit of help from Thiago, Leo, Jeff, Ian, Valorie, Teo, Ingo, Camila and more.  This award is also for each of them! (However it’ll be hanging in my living room for a long time :P)

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  1. It was a wonderful moment when you won, Lydia! A fitting climax to such a fun, great Akademy. I’m profoundly greatful to the e.V. for making it possible for me to attend, and to the entire crew who made it all happen.

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