Check what’s happening in Randa

We’ve reached our fundraising goal for Randa! This is really awesome. Thanks everyone who contributed. You really made a difference.

The first sprint participants arrived in Randa this morning and everyone is ready to start the sprint. You can stay up-to-date via blog posts on PlanetKDE and via this Twitter list that has all the Randa participants that I know. (Hint: There are already some pretty nice pictures there.)

Addition since people asked: Any excess donations on the pledgie page will be used for future sprints. So if you want feel free to continue to donate. You can of course also always Join the Game. Have a look at some of the past sprints we’ve done over the years.

One thought on “Check what’s happening in Randa”

  1. Congratulations that you reached your goal! Although I just spent a small amount, I am happy that there are enough supporters to make this event possible!

    And thanks to all of you who put so much energy and effort into KDE SC – I am so happy that you create such a great software stack, that I use since 1998.

    Have fun and a good and productive time there!!!

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