One thing that would make KDE better


I went to Akademy with two notebooks and a plan. They should both be filled by KDE contributors with writing and sketching about one thing they think would make KDE better. Have a look at the result:

The complete set is in this Flickr album. Check it out! What’s your favorite? What’s your one thing – big or small – that would make KDE better?

(Thanks to Fabrice for the idea.)

5 thoughts on “One thing that would make KDE better”

  1. An entry in all file pickers and dolphin called Current Folders showing all folders with currently opened files in any KDE application

  2. I do like the wizard idea, although afaik wizard is a protected word by M$. There are times, especially with a new release and you want to do something, and there is no obvious way and help can seem thin on the ground to new users. Even as a veteran user myself, sometimes a simple task can be trifling.

  3. Andrew, thankfully, that is incorrect. Microsoft does not own the term “Wizard”. The only way to own the rights on that word is through trademark. After doing a quick trademark search, the mark was abandoned in January of this year as having an incomplete registration that was started in 2011.

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