KDE e.V. is looking for its first Executive Director

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KDE e.V. has been successfully supporting the KDE community for over 17 years. For many of them we had the tremendous help of a business manager, several interns, an event manager and countless volunteers to be able to do this. In the coming years we want to be able to support the KDE community even better. In order to do this we need strong support from an Executive Director. The Board of Directors has decided to hire someone for this position in the coming months. We are looking for a passionate individual who understands our community and can drive our business interaction. Do you want to be a part of bringing great software to millions of users? Do you want to really make a difference for a Free Software non-profit? Then this is the job for you! If you would like to know more about the position please read the job ad.

Keeping our eyes on the big picture – High Priority Projects

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London Eye
Free Software has made great strides in all kinds of areas and improved our lives. Nonetheless there are still many areas where people don’t have the freedom to use, study, modify and redistribute software that is important to them. The Free Software Foundation has a list of projects where it is especially important to provide a new or better Free Software solution. I am very happy to see that the process for maintaining this list has been opened up now. The list is going to be renewed by a committee (that I am a part of). Our movement needs to keep the big picture in mind and attract new people for important areas if we want to make further progress on giving more people more control over more parts of their digital lives. But what should be on this list in the future? Where does Free Software need to make a difference? We need your input. For further details please see the announcement by the FSF.

One thing that would make KDE better

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I went to Akademy with two notebooks and a plan. They should both be filled by KDE contributors with writing and sketching about one thing they think would make KDE better. Have a look at the result:

The complete set is in this Flickr album. Check it out! What’s your favorite? What’s your one thing – big or small – that would make KDE better?

(Thanks to Fabrice for the idea.)

Q&A with the board of KDE e.V. at Akademy

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Only a few days left until Akademy. I’m looking forward to meeting old friends again and making new ones. There are many exciting talks in the program that I want to see. Have a look!

The board is going to do a Q&A session on Saturday afternoon. We want to give more people a chance to ask questions than just the ones attending Akademy. I started a wiki page to collect them and we’ll try to answer as many as we can.

Akademy 2014 banner

Are you KDE e.V.’s new Event Manager?

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Akademy is KDE’s community gathering every year. It is the place and time where KDE gets to meet face-to-face. Where we talk about our work. Where we have important discussions. Where we prepare for crucial decisions. Where we have fun. Where we meet friends. Where we make a difference. Where we plan our next steps for world domination. Or in short: Where things that really matter happen. But such an event does not just magically happen. It takes a lot of effort from a dedicated local team, previous Akademy organizers and many more people. To support the organisation of Akademy 2014 in Brno KDE e.V. is looking to hire an event manager. If you have what it takes to manage an event for a crowd of about 200 charming free software people you should apply. If you know someone who would be a good fit please let them know about this opportunity.

More details about the job and how to apply in the job ad.


Dinner with the KDE e.V. board?

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The board of KDE e.V. and a number of other KDE contributors are going to be in Berlin from 21st to 23rd of March for an extended board meeting. We’d like to meet up with KDE contributors and users as well as other Free Software contributors for a dinner. This will be on the 22nd. If you’re going to join please let me know by email (lydia at kde org) within the next week so we can reserve enough space.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

GSoC 2014: Work with KDE this summer!

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Google Summer of Code 2014 logo

KDE has once again been selected as an organisation to mentor students as part of Google Summer of Code. I’m really looking forward to working with amazing students again. We have awesome mentors and exciting ideas lined up. So if you’re a student and want to work with KDE this summer you should have a look at our ideas list. If you have questions you can come to our IRC channel #kde-soc on freenode or send an email to the mailinglist kde-soc@kde.org.

Bilbao, I’m coming! (Oh and Taipei and Hongkong prepare yourself too.)

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Only 1 month left until I’m heading of to Bilbao for some vacation and my favorite conference of the year, Akademy. Akademy is shaping up to be a great event again for KDE – but not only for KDE! We’ll be hosting the Qt Contributor’s Summit as well and other projects like VideoLAN, RazorQt, Tomahawk are joining us again to create, discuss and maaaaybe also have a little fun ;-)

I am personally looking forward to most:

  • Kevin’s keynote as well as the other two awesome keynotes that are waiting for their announcement
  • the student programs lightning talks that are by now a tradition at Akademy I’d say
  • all the chatter that will happen in the hallways between talks, over a beer late at night or while walking to the venue

Together with the fabulous Leslie Hawthorn I’ll be talking about negotiation theory for geeks and burnout. Don’t miss it! It’ll be fun. Besides that my major goal for this year’s Akademy is getting input from a lot of people for some fundamental questions about the future of KDE e.V.

But that’s not enough for a summer, right? No. No rest for the crazy people… After Akademy I’ll be heading over to Taipei for COSCUP to talk about what makes KDE tick as well as Wikidata. From there I’ll head over to HongKong for Wikimedia’s annual conference Wikimania to catch up with people on all things Wikidata and a whole bunch of other community and tech things around Wikimedia like the VisualEditor.

One serving of 53 amazing students please

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The accepted students for Google Summer of Code and the Outreach Program for Women have just been announced. I am so happy that we were able to accept 50 students for GSoC. Thank you Google! I am also excited that we were able to accept 3 women for our first participation in the Outreach Program for Women. Thank you KDAB and the other OPFW sponsors who made it possible to accept 2 more than we initially planned! This is going to be a great summer for KDE for sure. You can see all accepted GSoC projects here and the OPFW projects here. They’ll all be adding status updates here so keep an eye on that page. Please give them a warm welcome!

If we could not accept your proposal for any of the programs this time please have a look at this email I just sent to the student mailinglist about this year’s Season of KDE.

Time to send in your GSoC application

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Since a few minutes applications for Google Summer of Code 2013 are open. If you plan to apply it is time to get started writing that proposal. GSoC is an amazing opportunity to become a part of KDE and many other free software projects. To help you get going here are some very useful links:

Oh and don’t forget that KDE is also taking part in the Outreach Program for Women.

KDE is looking forward to an amazing summer with a bunch of great students. Will you be one of them? You totally could be!

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