what I learned at FOSDEM

After getting back from FOSDEM and sleeping for 10 hours I am finally back in the land of the living 😉

FOSDEM was great, I had a lot of fun and was able to connect some more IRC nicks to their real life faces.

So what did I learn this weekend?

  1. When traveling with Nikolaj always be prepared for something involving a bomb.
  2. Mike looks/is awesome.
  3. There was an awful lot of ambulances in Brussels compared to every other city I have ever been to.
  4. Kriek tastes delicious.
  5. Statistics on KDE commits can tell you a lot about its community. Thanks to Paul for showing me some of his work. It was insightful and will be very useful for me for Amarok.
  6. I need to get started again on packaging for Kubuntu.
  7. KDE people rock! (Ok right. I knew that one long before ;-))

Thanks to the KDE people for letting Amarok have a good share of the booth. We love you 🙂
Sorry I was not able to say goodbye to everyone yesterday. Big KDE-hug to all of you.

PS: Everyone who took pictures please share.

4 thoughts on “what I learned at FOSDEM”

  1. Just for the record ( and any intelligence agents reading this blog 😛 ), none of the events to which Lydia is referring have been on my doing, I simply seem to have a nack for being at the wrong place at the wring time. At aKademy 2007, I just left Glasgow airport when someone decided to try and blow it up, and this time, Linda and I got stuck in a train because there was a bomb threat against the next ( central ) station.

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