distro mailinglist at freedesktop.org and Cebit

A few weeks back I requested a mailinglist at freedesktop.org for cross distro collaboration. (The original purpose was having a list to discuss with other distros how they handle the whole ~/.kde vs. ~/.kde4 thing.) Unfortunately I never got a response and just stumbled upon the now created list at http://lists.freedesktop.org by chance.
It didnร‚ยดt really get any promo so not a lot of distro people are subscribed yet. Please change that now and make good use of the list!

If you are involved in a distro please ask the appropriate people to subscribe.

(@ fd.o people: I am still interested in helping to take care of the list if needed as I think it is important.)

Next week is Cebit time. Say hello to your favorite Amarok and KDE people at their booths or check out some of the talks ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “distro mailinglist at freedesktop.org and Cebit”

  1. Awesome idea, even though it’s likely a hard task to get all of the distros together.. I’ve been trying to convince distros to work together on various issues for a long time, but I’ve not been very successful.
    If you’re interested, the problems have been add-ons to the Mozilla browsers (every distro installs plugins in different locations) and ffmpeg (every distro ships a slightly different version).
    My last rant about that is at http://blogs.gnome.org/otte/2007/05/22/distros/

  2. Hi,

    I’m the admin for that list. I’m supposed to announce it properly some time in the near future, when my current backlog will decrease a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Feel free to point people to it in the meantime.

  3. (or send me a private mail if you want details/want to help, help is always welcomed !)

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