But it is looking shiny!

Daniel, my GSoC student, has been working on the GUI part of the biased playlists and did some work behind the scenes this week. It is really getting into shape even though it is still trying to fool you a little. Read more about it in his weekly report and don’t forget to check out the screenshot 😉

Oh and of course:

Akademy 2008

Move your applets freely!

Ok kinda blogging-by-proxy ahead 😉

Starting with commit 827860 you can move applets in your panel. \o/   This will be included in KDE 4.1 final.

And for those who say seeing is believing here is a short video showing it ;-)  (Planet readers might need to visit my blog to see it.)

Quote of the day: “Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress” — Ted Levitt

Let’s be dynamic again!

Hands up in the air everyone! Please cheer for Daniel! 😉
Dynamic playlists are back \o/

Daniel, my Summer of Code student, has been working hard to get one of the most loved features of Amarok 1.4 back for Amarok 2 and probably made a lot of people very happy by doing that last week. He implemented a dynamic mode as basis for the biased playlists he will be working on next. First results can be seen now and it is going to be great. It already improved a lot over what we had in Amarok 1.4 because it is easier to discover, configure and use. And I am sure Daniel will continue to improve it and kick ass 😉

You can read more about it in his status report for this week and of course try it yourself with Neon or your own build. Go read it!

/me is proud and so happy she can listen to music again without having to select songs herself all the time