Tell me all the ways you rock!

KDE 4.2 has been released and there is neat stuff all over the place.

The thing I think rocks most? Definitely automatic translation and image fetching in Parley. Typing all those vocabulary by hand can be a pain. Thanks to scripting support in Parley you now can let Parley fetch those translations for you. And while we are at it: Why not also get a nice image on top of it? 😉

Parley automatic vocabulary fetching
Parley automatic vocabulary fetching

So now tell me: Which feature do you think is the best? Got a small feature that risks getting unnoticed? Or a feature that makes your live 10 times easier? Tell us about it in the comments and your blog!

A breath of fresh air to the desktop – KDE 4.2 released

TEAMWORK, originally uploaded by snowriderguy.

KDE 4.2 has been released. One year after the start of the KDE 4 series we have achieved amazing things and made great ideas reality. Let’s celebrate and spread the word!
Read the release announcement and the visual guide for a tour to all the goodies KDE 4.2 brings to your desktop.

KDE 4.2