A breath of fresh air to the desktop – KDE 4.2 released

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KDE 4.2 has been released. One year after the start of the KDE 4 series we have achieved amazing things and made great ideas reality. Let’s celebrate and spread the word!
Read the release announcement and the visual guide for a tour to all the goodies KDE 4.2 brings to your desktop.

KDE 4.2

One thought on “A breath of fresh air to the desktop – KDE 4.2 released”

  1. Yea, quite impressed the way KDE is turning out. I didn’t care for the KDE 3 series but the tide is changing. I only use gnome because that is what Ubuntu comes in, and it does all I need it to do, it does the job. But, KDE4.2 looking good…..hmmm….enough for me to change….not yet…but getting there. They are doing fantastic work.

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