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We must not believe the many, who say that only free people ought to be educated, but we should rather believe the philosophers who say that only the educated are free. – Epictetus

The KDE-Edu team is looking for feedback from their users to improve their applications and to find out where to invest the limited time they have. If you are a student, teacher or just casual user of any of these applications we are looking for your feedback:

  • Kanagram
  • KHangMan
  • Kiten
  • KLettres
  • KWordQuiz
  • Parley
  • KAlgebra
  • KBruch
  • Kig
  • KmPlot
  • Blinken
  • KGeography
  • KTouch
  • KTurtle
  • Kalzium
  • KStars
  • Marble
  • Step
  • Cantor
  • Rocs

We created a short survey (1 page – about 5 minutes) where you can tell us about the 3 problems you have with any of the applications listed above as well as give some general feedback. Those 3 problems can be small or big. We want to know about them. This feedback is incredibly valuable to the team so if you know anyone who should take this survey but doesn’t read this blog please send them a link.

Make KDE-Edu rock even more!

PS: If you want to help with any of the programs listed above (by writing code, creating example content, documentation, promotion or anything else) please get in touch with me.

10 thoughts on “KDE Education Survey”

  1. Might I suggest you divide user groups up a bit more finely? With applications like cantor being integrated there is a great potential for use in higher education and advanced research. I would suggest:

    Grade school/primary school student
    Grade school/primary school teacher
    Undegraduate/secondary school student
    Graduate/postsecondary school student
    University/college professor

    I think it would provide some useful insight into how the applications can be improved for use by more advanced users.

  2. There is an immensely useful application called KtechLab that i think should be herre, it seem it is not going to be ported to KDE4 i do hope this is not the case as this is a wonderful application.

  3. @TheBlackCat: Yea that would be interesting indeed. But I wanted to keep the survey as simple as possible while still being very useful for the team.

    @tuxman: I believe this is a problem of manpower :/ If you or someone else wants to help get some people interested in this again contact me by email and we will investigate.

  4. Hello

    Thanks for the blog entry. I would like to help, but I’m no coder.
    So I start testing some apps and saw that
    1. The documentation isn’t realy good.
    2. The apps are all very different in there target audience
    3. KDE has a forum but when you look at the forum there are less entries and the most people are interested in the Brainstorm area. Maybe it is possible to make a subfolder for education entry.

    Thanks for the blog entry

  5. @Andreas: Yea we could use some help with all the points you mention. If you are interested in helping out with that please let me know.

  6. @ TheBlackCat: I’ll know. And I also see, that most action will be at the mailing list.

    I install a linux computer for my parents and I also install gcompris vor my grandchild. My grandshild will love gcompris because she can click and have a great overview about a lot of education apps. She all the time talk to my that I’ll install gcompris at her (her parents) windows pc. That’s a problem. The second problem is the translation of the help in every game.

    whatever. I’ll tested the edu suit from kde last night and today. There is a realy great potential. The most apps are realy usefule and good. (I’l make some vocabulary tests in parley)

    I only use the apps one day, so I can’t say what you can make better. I only like to help.

    Where is a good place to talk about some ideas? here, the forum or the mailing list?

  7. @Andreas Great! The best way to get started at the moment is the kde-edu mailing list. This is where most of the contributors will read it.

  8. Unfortunately I know nothing about programming, and the only free educative program I use is Solfege, which is a Gnome app. As a music teacher I’d want to suggest to any who may read this and feels like contributing to KDE educative software to consider starting a musical education software project.


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