sweet stats from sysadmins

I’ve been hanging around in KDE’s sysadmin IRC channel for a while now and you know what’s the best thing about scanning the backlog every day? You get to see whenever a new developer gets added to the committers list, making him/her able to commit to (nearly) every bit of the codebase. That’s really really awesome. And while watching this Tom, Eike and I thought that while we’re creating a lot of accounts it seems to have increased a lot in the last weeks. Since we wanted to be sure Tom and Eike ran some stats. And tada – here’s the result:

That’s the new accounts created for KDE’s SVN and git repositories since January 2008. As you can see our feeling was right. Last month 39 new accounts were created. That’s more than 1 account per day! That means more than 1 new developer per day. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Hats off to KDE for being able to attract so many talented new people and for being able to integrate them in the community.

PS: Policies on when an account request is granted have not changed in that time.

Season of KDE applications closed

Wow. So I have 96 Season of KDE applications now. The majority of them are matched up with a mentor. I am really amazed by the response to this opportunity. It far exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to the results that will come out of this year’s SoK. Make us all proud, students 🙂

With nearly 100 SoK applications and 51 accepted Google Summer of Code students KDE has reached the end of its mentoring capacity unfortunately. This means I will not be accepting further applications for this year. (If you’ve already talked to me about applying a while ago email me.)

Please don’t let this stop you from contributing to KDE outside of our mentoring programs. I will also do my best to make sure we’ll do a GSoC and SoK again next year.

Mentors needed – no, seriously!

I currently have 72 Season of KDE applications and more are coming in. I really need more mentors for these students than I currently have lined up. If you are a KDE contributor and willing to mentor an enthusiastic student on a project please get in touch with me. (This is your chance to get some of those tasks done that you always wanted to do but never really got around to.)