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We are looking for people to create mobile apps for the Desktop Summit in Berlin in August. The main goal is to provide easy access to the schedule, venue plan and some general conference info. Some more goodies on top of that might be nice.

If you are interested please let me know.

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  1. I wrote a schedule viewer for the Nokia N900 for FOSDEM this year, and it was also used at MeeGo Summit Finland 2011. It’s called Sojourner and it would love to be adopted by someone who wants to update it to show the Desktop Summit schedule! It doesn’t have any way to show venue plans/conference info, but the schedule browsing bit is the hard part.

    (While I’m coming to the desktop summit, I’m no longer using my N900 as my primary phone, so I’m unlikely to spend much time on it. I’d be delighted to hand it over to a new maintainer.)

  2. If you want, Kolab Sys can provide the same setup that we provided at FOSDEM…

    We can provide a Kolab server with read-only mobile phone synchronisation. Instead of installing a special BDS app, any phone which can sync using ActiveSync would be able to sync against the server and grab the entire schedule into their phone’s calendar and get an email which contains any further information.

    What is good about this is that is the schedule is to chwnge for any reason, then the phones will automatically receive the updates when they sync.

    What do you think?

  3. We could do a little Marble extra package for the N900 with useful stuff for attendees: A map of Berlin for offline usage (map tiles, routing, search) and bookmarks for the various interesting spots (venue, accommodation, public transit, social events). Ping me if you’re interested.

  4. I’m fairly overworked atm but I could help out with an iPhone and/or Android app (cross-platform perhaps?), I just can’t promise it would be too feature rich unless we get more people willing to help.

    I was thinking of building a CPP base (so we can get more kde/cpp devs involved) and just build the native UI in their respective languages, ideas welcome.

    Anyway I also like pawly’s idea – simple and to the point. We might also want to consider a phone friendly version of the event website and call it a day.

  5. We had these applications for the MeeGo Summit in Finland. It worked quite nice, I used it. 😉

    Topi Santakivi ( wrote the meegosummitfi application in Qml (Plasma Quick, Active would be also nice this time (: ). He might be also interested with helping, if you want to ask him. He might not have time himself to create an application, but updating Sojourner should also be easy now. You just need to provide a Pentabarf XML of the program and a summit logo.

  6. Hi. Updating Sojourner should be rather straightforward now. What is needed is the program in a Pentabarf XML format (this is what Sojourner currently supports) and a logo for the summit.

    Here’s MeeGo Summit FI’s program XML for an example:

    If you provide those, i can put them into Sojourner and make a new release. In case you’re interested, ping me (sandst1) at freenode or send me e-mail (in case you my e-mail address shows to you)

  7. @Fabian Yes I looked at that but we are not using Pentabarf. Not sure how much of a problem that is. Otherwise it’s great.

    @Paul Would be nice to have I think.

    @Dennis definitely

    @Guillermo Thx

    @Elvis I’d like it to be more than just a website – starting with offline support.

    @Topi thx – currently it is not available in Pentabarf’s format

  8. Completely agree with Elvis.

    You can have offline support with a HTML5 webpage without problem, and it will be independent of what phone you have (no need to make separate apps for Android, iPhone, Nokia etc)

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