Desktop Summit 2011 reminder – accommodation and child care

This is a friendly reminder that if you are coming to the Desktop Summit (and I hope you are!) then you should book your accommodation pretty soon. We have some special rates but they are only valid for a limited time and run out soon. We also expect the time of the Desktop Summit to be rather busy in Berlin. So go and book your accommodation now, please. has some suggestions.

We’d also like to offer a child care option for the attending parents at the summit. To see if this is feasible we’d like to know who would be interested in such an option. Depending on the demand and a few other factors this might not be gratis. We’d have professional staff on site for the kids. We have to make a decision on this soon. If you’re interested please send an email to ds-team at desktopsummit org soon to let the team know.

Oh and see, the conference can begin now. Thanks to Damien we have a shiny button. What more do you need? 😀

I'm going to the Desktop Summit 2011