Bilbao, I’m coming! (Oh and Taipei and Hongkong prepare yourself too.)


Only 1 month left until I’m heading of to Bilbao for some vacation and my favorite conference of the year, Akademy. Akademy is shaping up to be a great event again for KDE – but not only for KDE! We’ll be hosting the Qt Contributor’s Summit as well and other projects like VideoLAN, RazorQt, Tomahawk are joining us again to create, discuss and maaaaybe also have a little fun 😉

I am personally looking forward to most:

  • Kevin’s keynote as well as the other two awesome keynotes that are waiting for their announcement
  • the student programs lightning talks that are by now a tradition at Akademy I’d say
  • all the chatter that will happen in the hallways between talks, over a beer late at night or while walking to the venue

Together with the fabulous Leslie Hawthorn I’ll be talking about negotiation theory for geeks and burnout. Don’t miss it! It’ll be fun. Besides that my major goal for this year’s Akademy is getting input from a lot of people for some fundamental questions about the future of KDE e.V.

But that’s not enough for a summer, right? No. No rest for the crazy people… After Akademy I’ll be heading over to Taipei for COSCUP to talk about what makes KDE tick as well as Wikidata. From there I’ll head over to HongKong for Wikimedia’s annual conference Wikimania to catch up with people on all things Wikidata and a whole bunch of other community and tech things around Wikimedia like the VisualEditor.

3 thoughts on “Bilbao, I’m coming! (Oh and Taipei and Hongkong prepare yourself too.)”

  1. Just came to say that I’ve been to a lot of cities in the world and Hong Kong is my favorite!

    There are a lot of things you can see and do in HK that don’t cost any money and there is 1Gbps fiber optic Internet everywhere!

    I think the only thing to really avoid is those really cheap hostels which are pretty much the only parts of HK that aren’t 100% safe.

    There are plenty of nice cheap hotels that are right in the middle of the most interesting parts of Hong Kong. Such as the Mini Hotel in Central, HotelMK in Mong Kok, and Butterfly Hollywood in Central.

    I live in HK for a week or two every month, it’s a great place to stay and there are a lot of very nice beaches in HK as well! Shek-O is my favorite HK beach.

  2. I don’t know how much time you have in HK, but I do recommend checking out Avenue of the Stars, at least one beach, some Cantonese food, and eat at least one Portugese Tart (delicious Macau food they have in HK and Guangdong bakeries).

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